Mar 24
On the surface, I'm probably an ideal iPad candidate: heavily invested in Apple gear already and looking for a device that's smaller than the 17' MacBook Pro I use for much of my writing, but with better battery life (dell d610 battery) than the MacBook Air I use as my go-to traveling machine. I need wireless access for light duty work way from the house and I'm already happily using an iPod Touch for productivity apps like WriteRoom, so the multi-touch iPhone OS is familiar. I still own a ...
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Mar 21

Oxypot System

iconMarch 21st, 2014

The NEW Oxypot is based around the Hydro Air Pump (a high quality Italian pump that sits in the solution in the Oxypot). No more air stones to get blocked and no air lines. Pump noise and vibration levels greatly reduced as pump is inside the pot in the solution and air flow can be adjusted to 180 litres/hour. ...
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Mar 17
How these devices which don't even have a keyboard are emerging a true contender for gaming just amazes me. No other mobile platform have such amazing games. No wonder Sony Playstation Portable, Nintendo are getting scared. Games on iPhone and iPod touch have gorgeous graphics and are lota fun. Here's a review of some fun games which will keep you glued to your iPhone or iPod for hours. 1. Top Gun - Yup, we all still remember the Tom Cruise movie which made being Navy Fighter pilot cool. Not ...
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Mar 10
So, you've got your cool brand new HD camera and you're ready to shoot your first film. This is where a lot of new filmmakers start to run in to trouble - they thought saving up for their first camera was the hard part, but now the real work (and the real trouble) starts. Since I've gone through exactly what each and every one of you is going through right now back when I shot my first microbudget feature ("Bite Me, Fanboy" back in 2001), I decided to put together a quick list of six important ...
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Mar 1
Gamer? Anime freak? Science nerd? Just since you wear a pocket protector, does not suggest you cannot travel. Let's face it - although quietly, the nerds most likely outnumber the awesome kids on this earth, and every culture and country across the entire world has its own version of a dweeb. So, why not get out of mom's basement and meet some other intelligent-minded folk like your self? Right here are a few places that only true geeks will appreciate.Dragon*Con - Atlanta, GAGamers and geeks ...
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